Free Falling September 29, 2009

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Life has taken me into a free fall. I am floating, suspended high up in the air, arms and legs stretched out as if I were Superman.  Every disappointment, every journey, every joy and every sorrow, keeps me in this free fall.   Life at 50 is not what I expected it to be.  What happened to the 20 year old me?   Well, this is my journey to find out, to seek the questions that are now plaguing me, the ones that many before me have battled, and many will question after I am gone.  Come with me for my ride – for it will somehow, in some way, be your ride too.


5 Responses to “Free Falling”

  1. renaeclare Says:

    well said my friend. Life at 60 is not what I expected it to be either. In many ways it is much better. forgiveness, patience, introspection, spirituality, not being so damn stubborn, etc. etc. Talk to you later my friend. Renae 🙂

  2. Hi, this is where WP took me, hello to the old blog! I’m happy to know the new you at Empowered Spirit!

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